Advertising specification and technical guide requires that all Flash based (.swf) interactive advertising contain clickTAG code. This is mandatory for all banners on and below you can see 3 examples of this click tag code.

Simple ClickTAG

    on (release) {
      if (clickTAG.substr(0,4) == "http") {
     } else { 
       getURL("", "_blank");

ActionScript 2

on (release) { 
  if (_level0.clickTAG.substr(0, 4) == "http") { 
    getURL(_level0.clickTAG, "_blank"); 
  } else { 
     if (_level0.url.substr(0, 4) == "http") { 
       getURL(_level0.url, "_blank"); 
     } else { 
       getURL("", "_blank"); 

ActionScript 3

Note that the instance name of the button is "myButton"

myButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToWebPage);


function fl_ClickToGoToWebPage(event:MouseEvent):void


                navigateToURL(new URLRequest(""), "_blank");





General Banners

  • allows JPG, PNG, GIF or SWF type banners 
  • All SWF (Flash) banners must also be delivered with a fallback of JPG, PNG or GIF format in accordance with the IAB recommendation 
  • All SWF banners must contain a ClickTAG Max size for all banners on 70kb or less 
  • A banner should be of a size that fits into the area ordered by the client and delivered in 72dpi. 
  • A banner should never expand beyond the size specified, unless an agreement has been made between the client and in writing. 
  • Not all locations can handle expandable banners. 
  • A banner must not cause inappropriate load on the computer of readers. 
  • A banner must not hijack the pointer 
  • Auto-play of sound is not allowed in banners. 
  • The lowest layer must be in the specified color in order to prevent a banner from being transparent. 
  • We allow banners to fetch data from other servers. This applies to photos, sound and video files. We urge the use of this functionality as it eases the load on 
  • If the banner uses external data (for example iframe) the operational security of the external server must be ensured and that it doesn‘t affect the performance of or the end user machine. Failure can result in the removal of advertising banners from 
  •  The url of the landing page must communicated to no later than when the banners are delivered to

TT Frame (background)

All the general rules apply to frames, but the following apply specifically to frame banners.

  • Please note that the end-user screen resolution will determine the visible area of the side banners. For example a common screen resolution of 1280px will mean that each side will have a visible area of 131 px . It's important to take this into account when designing the ad. 
  • This is essentially an ad made up of 3 banners. The central T banner of 1018x150 to 1018x360 with the addition of 2 side banners that can be from 205x550px to 205x850px in size each.
  • Side banners must be only JPG, PNG, GIF or HTML and that SWF banners will not be accepted.
  • Side banners should have fadeout at the bottom into the color of #edeef1 (color: R 237, G 238, B 241) 
  • Max size of the total banners for TT Frame should be no more than 100kb.

Video advertising

Pre-roll and post-roll video:

  • Video should be 700 x 394 in size
  • Video should be submitted in FLV format 

Text overlayer: 

  • Title: 75 characters max (incl. space) 
  • Text: 120 characters max (incl. space)
  • Link: no limit, but we recommend short versions
  • Logo: Max size is 45 x 45 pixlar


Mobile advertising

All the general rules apply to mobile, but the following apply specifically to mobile banners.

  • Banner size is 260px wide and 340px tall and max size is 25kb
  • No Flash (.swf) is allowed. Only JPG, PNG eða GIF format.

Delivery deadlines: advertising is open from 09:00-17:00 UMT during Icelandic business days.

Deadline is 16:00 UMT on the last business day before the banner should start showing on Flash (.swf) pushdown banners must be handed to at least 48 hours (2 business days) before the start.

Note that any advertising handed in late by the advertisers is the responsibility of the advertiser and can not guarantee that they will be displayed.

If an advertiser is unable to deliver advertising on time, they must notify the advertising department and give an estimate of when the delivery will take place. Contact info for the person responsible for the delivery of the advertising must be included. 365 miðlar ehf assumes the right to refuse any advertising that does not fullfill the above requirements.

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